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Commonwealth Tertiary Education Facility (CTEF)

Publications (Selected)



Publication on International Policy Forum 2021 - SDG-4: Planning for Flexible Learning Pathways in Higher Education. eISBN 978-967-18903-3-2

This publication presented the forum presentations and discussions on four main dimensions that have been identified in the IIEP-UNESCO research in the eight countries including Malaysia. The dimensions are (1) diverse entry pathways into higher education, (2) the role of technology in supporting flexibility in higher education, (3) flexible pathways to progress through higher education, and (4) the role of governance mechanisms in supporting flexibility.

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CTEF Newsletter Issue 1/September 2021 : SDG4: Flexible Learning Pathways in Higher Education

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Flexible Learning Pathways in Malaysian Higher Education: Balancing Human Resources Development and Equity Policies. eISBN 978-967-18903-2-5.

SDG4 Book 01

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Doctoral Education in Commonwealth Africa. eISBN 978-967-18903-0-1.

DECA Front

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Financing Tertiary Education: Policy Options for Small Island Countries of the Commonwealth Pacific. eISBN: 978-967-18903-1-8.

FTE front

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